I am a self-taught software engineer and create small applications that make life a bit easier. By now, I use languages like Python, Java and JavaScript and create modern web applications with HTML5 and CSS3. For my professional profile, please visit LinkedIn.


When I find the time to code during my final exam preparation, I write small applications that close gaps or teach me valuable lessons. Recently, I created a HTML5 application to make my school's substitute teaching plans accessible on mobile phones.


As head editor, I create, with my great team of editors, one of Germany's best school magazines called Kaktus. We created a new, more playful yet organized layout to be appealing to juniors as well as seniors. Additionally, we continuously make an effort to make each issue visually more appealing. Several awards honor our hard work.

Open Source

Some of my projects or abstracted parts of my applications are home at github.com/paulengstler. Unfortunately, I did not create a new kernel yet. Maybe that'll happen soon (probably not). But stay tuned for other projects!